World of Bhutan

Visit World of Bhutan and we will plan the most
amazing travel experience of your life! The tiny
Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is the final bastion
of the ‘Shangri-La’ visitor destinations in the
world and is the last independent Buddhist
kingdom on earth.
Café Bhutan

Cafe Bhutan is your destination for everything
Bhutan. Listen to our 24-hour global online radio
station, view breathtaking and inspirational
videos, read why Bhutan is the last 'Shangri-La'
on Earth, and, most importantly, plan your trip to

Spirits of Bhutan

K5 Premium Spirit Whisky, bottled and labeled by
hand in the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a special blend
of 8- and 12-year old vatted malts mixed with the
finest grain whiskies and natural spring water of
Bhutan. Order today!

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