Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, nearly 9,000 feet above sea level,
' Dreams of Bhutan’ Bhutanese Red Rice is a grain like no other, abundant
with nutritional, culinary and environmental benefits:
Irrigated by waters from mineral-rich
glaciers and grown in fertile mountain soils,
Bhutanese Red Rice is an excellent source
of nutrition. Rich in vitamins, protein and
dietary fiber, it supports heart-health and
weight loss. It is also gluten and wheat-free.
With its unique, nutty flavor, soft texture, and
elegant auburn color, Bhutanese Red Rice
is excellent in a wide variety of recipes.
From stir-fry to salad, pilaf to pudding, it is
both dynamic and versatile— and cooks in
only 20 minutes.
Planted, harvested and packaged by hand,
Bhutanese Red Rice is also pesticide and
herbicide-free. Farming practices are in
accordance with the government of
Bhutan’s conscientious environmental
protection measures, designed to ensure
the sustainability of the country’s majestic
landscape and support the people, plants
and wildlife that reside there.
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